Follow These 8 Business Etiquette Rules for Success

Feeling comfortable at your workplace is vital to your well-being, but there’s something to be said for still maintaining a sense of decorum. After all, you never know where your risky behavior could lead you, depending on how you conduct yourself. Here are eight rules of business etiquette that you can benefit from bringing into the office, perhaps steering you towards greater success in the future.

Punctuality Is Key

Whether you’re the one calling a meeting or you’re simply showing up for one, it’s important to always be on time. Consistently arriving late shows a lack of responsibility and consideration for the others’ time around you.

Be Wary of Your Daily Habits

There are limits to your behavior. If there’s something you’re doing at work that you feel the need to hide, like indulging in grooming activities better left for your home bathroom, it’s probably wise not to engage in it at the office, period.

Leave Your Electronics at the Door

It’s crucial that you shut off your cell phone, laptop, and any other electronic devices during meetings to be present at the moment, and give whoever is speaking the respect and attention they deserve.

Remember Your Manners

When discussing business etiquette, it would be ludicrous not to mention minding your eating habits while on the job. Stuffing your face or talking with your mouth full around your coworkers is simply unacceptable.

Don’t Assume Invitations Are Open

This rule really applies to the occasion in question, but it’s always best to ask before inviting a significant other to any workplace event, instead of assuming it’s okay to bring guests.

Invest in Thank You Cards

Showing others that you’re thankful for their time or business is always considerate, so why not start making it a habit to express your gratitude? Be mindful of doing so in a way that’s tasteful, however, not tacky or childish.

Give Everyone Their Due Time

Improving your business etiquette means taking your coworkers into account, which amounts to not hoarding all of the attention during meetings. If you have multiple questions that need addressing, have a one-on-one conversation with the right person. 

Consider Who’s Around You

Even if you think sending a private text or email is going to stay private, there’s a strong possibility that it can become gossip for the water cooler. Be cautious with your words and mindful of who’s listening.

Spruce up your business etiquette by following these eight simple rules, and find yourself being rewarded in ways you might not expect.

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