5 Tips To Improving Your Performance as a Manager

Becoming a manager can feel like a dream come true since being promoted within your company is a sign that others have noticed your efforts. However, once you’ve solidified yourself as management material, taking on the added responsibilities can mean neglecting who else you’re now in charge of your team. Here are five tips to improve your performance once you’ve gained a managerial position.

Make An Effort to Reply to Emails

Even if you can’t answer all of the emails that hit your inbox immediately, leaving them to dwindle for days without feedback is unacceptable. Try to prioritize your messages as they come in, and respond with at least a sign of acknowledgment that you’ll get back to the sender as quickly as possible. Giving no response, even if you’ve simply forgotten, can appear as though you don’t care about your team’s needs, which can lead to frustration and resentment.

Take the Concerns of Your Team Seriously

Whether there are disagreements between employees, someone needs help finishing a project, updates to software programs have to be approved or anything else, taking initiative promptly is vital to not only keeping the business running smoothly but ensuring that your team knows you’re available to address their concerns when they need you to be.

Give Each Employee Their Due

With a position in management comes the opportunity to improve your relationships with your team members, and this means giving each worker their due one-on-one time. Allowing a team member to come to you on their own with questions and concerns without feeling apprehensive about it is crucial to an effective, relaxed office environment.

Always Be Giving Feedback, Both Good and Bad

While it’s important to praise the employees who work exceptionally hard for the good of the company, it’s also essential to inform those who are slacking on a regular basis that they need to work on personal improvement. However, this should be done in a supportive, helpful manner where you’re offering constructive criticism, not just deriding an employee and leaving the situation lie. 

Use Your Authority Wisely

Becoming a manager does mean withholding more power, and with that authority comes the opportunity to make vast improvements amongst your team. Learning each employee’s strengths on the job and assigning projects accordingly can go a long way in improving production and teamwork all at once, so paying attention is critical.

Make the most of your management position and follow these five tips to improve your performance, and the performance of your team, overall.

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